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Customized deep drawing solutions

Products : Engineering

Shakti Group of Industries - Products : Engineering

We are Custom manufacturer of deep drawn shells, stampings and enclosures up to circle size maximum upto 1000mm with 600mm diameter and 500mm in depth. We specialize in the deep drawing of cylindrical, conical, oval, square, rectangular or oblong shapes. And there are many shapes deep drawing can produce like cups, pans, cylinders, domes and hemispheres and irregular shaped products. Other than products mentioned below we have also developed miscellaneous products such as textile machine parts like TFO - Twister Spindle Pot, Spindle Disk, submersible pump parts, casings for motors etc.

Engineering Products

Aluminium Cryogenic Containers Shell

Aluminium Cryogenic Containers Shell:

We are one of the largest manufacturer of Aluminium cryogenic containers from varying capacity from 2 litres to 50 litres. Aluminium cryogenic containers are used as Liquid carrying drums for various applications such as Farming, Medical, Industrial etc.

Engineering Products

Diaphragm Casings

Diaphragm Casings :

We are manufacturer of Mild Steel Diaphragm Valve Casings with thickness upto 7mm. We also have in house multiple hole pillar die sets to meet high production requirements.

Engineering Products

Geysers Inner's

Geysers Inner's :

We manufacture geyser inner steel from capacities 1 Liter, 3 Litres & 6 Litres. Postfinishing operations such as project arc welding, necking , multihole punching, Polishing and Buffing operations are also being carried out.